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1 ADSL Line for 2 web sites ?

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  • 1 ADSL Line for 2 web sites ?

    i ve 2 domain controller (server 2003), iis are installed on the 2 server, 2 web sites (each on one server) on port 80 TCP, only one adsl line, one router linksys.

    2 domain name : and
    The 2 domains are good registered.
    i ve an ip static (193.253.x.X)

    server one : dns : :
    server 2 : dns :
    if i open in my router 80 tcp for
    and 80 tcp for

    is it possible, that it's work ?? (i want 2 different web sites)
    if i m at home, on internet, if i tape : or,i would have two different sites?
    And, further, if i want to put exchange on each server, is it ok?

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    Re: 1 ADSL Line for 2 web sites ?

    You can have as many websites as you want. However, for NAT Static Mapping to work you need to have a diferent port for each server (80 and 8000 for example), and/or a different external IP address for each one of the servers.

    If this is important for you, ask your ISP to provide you with 2 static IP addresses.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: 1 ADSL Line for 2 web sites ?

      You could also look into ISA to handle the requests coming in on one IP.

      In ISA 2k3 you can create "Listeners" that will check the URL requested and forward it to the appropriate server. You can also easily publish exchange servers with ISA.

      If you are looking to keep the sigle line and IP, you should look into what ISA offers.


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        Re: 1 ADSL Line for 2 web sites ?

        no prob. One 2000 box can host multiple sites, just use host headers. Im not too familiar with 2003 but im sure nothings changed

        ie. I host 4 sites on 1 domain controller with 1 public ip from verizon dsl, and 1 linksys broadband router. I have exchange 2000 loaded on same box with no problems. (although I hear that microsoft does not recommend exchange be installed on domain controllers)