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What hotfix numbers we see in the systeminfo list?

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  • What hotfix numbers we see in the systeminfo list?

    I have installed Windows XP and SP1 (from Security Update CD February 2004). After this I asked Microsoft to check my computer and I was given a list of critical hotfixes with six lines. I have downloaded all the hotfixes and installed them.
    And after this I made list of installed hotfixes (by systeminfo through command line). I was very surprised, when do not find most of my installed hotfix numbers in the list. But I have found many other numbers there, which I do not know came from!
    I have found Categorized List of Fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1), but did not find a number from this List in my systeminfo list.
    Can somebody explane me this paradox.
    Thanks in advance

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    this is just strange.
    Brad Bentley