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can't write hebrew on web pages

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  • can't write hebrew on web pages


    I can't write hebrew on web pages.

    When I installed xp I managed to write hebrew once on my browser, but then I installed office xp and since then the hebrew turned into this:


    I tried searching the microsoft site, the office site and everywhere but no one seemed to encounter the problem, maybe someone here did?

    I use IE6, I've installed all the sp's for xp and I checked that the hebrew language is properly configured on my xp.

    I can write beautiful hebrew everywhere else, including word, excell etc'.
    I can also write hebrew on a text document and copy & paste it into my browser.

    I've just downloaded the office xp sp3 (maybe it could help), but when I try installing it I get a message saying I don't have the correct softwere version for this update (A different problem but maybe related?)

    Any help?? Thanks.

    b.t.w. Daniel - you're the best teacher ever

    (Past MSCA student)

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    problem solved

    just for common knowledge, and future generation, it was the Google toolbar. I was told to remove it and it solved the problem.

    I just don't have Google now.