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DHCP Scope no Client Names

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  • DHCP Scope no Client Names

    I've got several scopes running on a 2003 server. In 1 of the scopes, i have about 30 lease records that have no client name listed in the record. What's more strange is that when i delete these records they are recreated within about an hour. A few further notes:

    1) I can ping the addresses
    2) The lease expiration time is always within an hour of checking the scope (eg. if i logon to dhcp server at 11am the lease expiration of these records will be 11.45)
    3) I have recently migrated the dhcp server from an NT box. The scope settings were originally configured to provide clients with an "unlimited" lease.

    Thanks for any help


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    Re: DHCP Scope no Client Names

    You will need to go to each clients and run ipconfig /release, ipconfig /revew (You do it via logon script also - but set reboot after running ipconfig command).
    There some nice clients out there the doesnt know that the TTL of the scope was changes..


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