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Windows 2003 SP1 Slipstream IIS Problem

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  • Windows 2003 SP1 Slipstream IIS Problem

    When using the add/remove windows components to install IIS on a Windows 2003 SP1 (SP1 is slipstreamed or pre-installed), the install process asks for the SP1 install CD. When the SP1 CD is inserted, the install process does not find the file it is looking for and we have to cancel the install. If we install SP1 on top of the slipstreamed version, we can get IIS installed, but it still asks for the original Windows 2003 install CD.

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    Re: Windows 2003 SP1 Slipstream IIS Problem

    Welcome to the buggy world of Micro$oft.

    I started getting suspicious mid-last year the the slipstreaming process done outside of Redmond is potentially buggy and not as smooth as you've just found out the hard way.

    Best possible solutions are:
    a) Insert the Windows 2003 Server CD when prompted.
    b) Reinstall from scratch with the original Windows 2003 Server CD and upgrade to SP1.