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  • tape drive backup

    I have a windows 2000 server SP4. I can back up to the HDD or a share on the network but i cannot get it to backup to the tape drive(DDS4). It fails to recognize the media whether it is an old or new tape.
    I tested the tape drive on another server an it worked perfectly. Is there anybody who can help?

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    Re: tape drive backup

    Are the drivers installed correctly??


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      Re: tape drive backup

      Everything in Device manager is normal. The tape drive had been working for over 6 months.
      It all started when a tape got stuck inside one day. It came out after restarting the server.
      U may have a good point though i will try reinstalling the driver.


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        Re: tape drive backup

        Best thing to do.

        Completely remove the drivers from device manager.

        Shutdown you system.

        Remove the drive and start up and shutdown 2 or 3 times.

        Re-Add the drive to the server.

        Re-install the drivers.

        BTW What backup program are you using???


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          Re: tape drive backup

          Hi wullieb1,

          I tried what you suggested but with no luck.

          I also tried using a different scsi cable today and what-dyu-know it is now working fine. Thanks anyway for the help. You must certainly deserve being awarded most valuable member of the month.

          Cheers mate!


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            Re: tape drive backup


            We would have gotten to the hardware aspect once you removed all the drivers.

            Well done on fixing your problem.


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              Re: tape drive backup

              Hi Dext,
              May be some problem in DDS4 tape. I think you should be try to latest backup media tape like AIT or SDLT. AIT tape provide Self cleaning mechanism. If you want slove your DDS-4 tape issue u can take feedback from by email or live support.