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slow connection on my domain

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  • slow connection on my domain

    hello !
    i ve 2 domain controllers with ten computers in DOMAIN.LOCAL and one computer in a WORKGROUP.
    1) domaine.local (ten Users log on)
    2) (with owa iis =>

    when i go on any computer that is in the domain.local, it takes many time to print the owa webpage.
    But when i go on the workgroup computer , it is very fast !!
    Is there a set to do on my domain.local to print faster the webpage (

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    Re: slow connection on my domain

    Looks like it could be a DNS issue.

    Are your DNS setting correct on the domain machines??


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      Re: slow connection on my domain

      the DNS domain seems to be good
      internet is ok on machines
      the domain is domain.local
      users log on this domain good

      the pb is when they visit the, it is slow the connection.
      i don't understand why.
      Help me.

      PS : the site is stocked on a domain controller in my lan ( ; there's exchange iis)
      when i 'm connect to https://... it is fast on a computer where is in workgroup.


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        Re: slow connection on my domain

        Does you internal DNS know where the domain is for

        You will probably need to add an entry to your DNS to poin to the server.

        Is this server internal or external to your network??


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          Re: slow connection on my domain

          it is a internal server but it is also a published domain (i ve a MX record also)
          the have as address : and for internet 193.253.x.x

          For the domain.local how to configure my
          How can i resolve my mistake??