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strange issue

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  • strange issue

    hi i have a strange problem when i try to access any machine from the domain controller a message appears indicating that i don't have permission but when i try to access exchange server its ok and is working another thing when i open my network places the machines appear but i can access nothing i have installed nothing recently and am using the administrator account and i can access the shares of domain controller from any other server or machine but from the domain controller no there is no firewall installed and iam not running WINS so any ideas by the way the platform is win 2003

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    Re: strange issue

    Did you checked correct time + timezone settings? Did you check cirrect DNS settings? Is the systems contain the same service pack level?
    You can use the following commands (from the support tools) to verity correct



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      Re: strange issue

      i tried the nslookup and i found the message

      can't find server name for ip domain doesn't existent

      so do i have to enable wins or to configure a reverse lookup zone in dns hope hear your reply soon


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        Re: strange issue

        First, configure a reverse lookup zone in dns to get nslookup to work.

        Second, please do not double post again. Thanks.
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          Re: strange issue

          Is your server pointing to itself for DNS resolution? Secondly, do you have only TCP/IP installed or other protocols, 3rd, do you have more than one NIC in your server?

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