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DNS question in 2003 Server domain/AD

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  • DNS question in 2003 Server domain/AD

    am I going to run into any issues if I do the following?

    we currently have a domain which serves 4 locations in the US. We are adding another office in Italy now.

    Currently there is only 1 DNS server (second one will be going online soon) which all 4 locations use.

    Now here's the issue, do I make a DNS server in italy that they can use? I would like to as if they did not have one and ours went down (assuming there's only one) they would lose external internet access, correct? There would be nothing to resolve names with since our DHCP service would distribute the DNS server IP's to clients in italy and then if DNS went down those IP's would be unreachable.

    If I made a whole new domain over there then I can see how it would work, it would be as our current domain is where the DNS serves LAN clients and for any outside requests it forwards the resolution requests to our ISP's DNS servers, but can I have their DNS server also see their ISP's DNS servers along with our current internal DNS server ?

    so if I have a machine A on current LAN in US , I want the italian DNS server to be able to resolve our machine A, but when the link between us and them goes down I want it to be able to resolve as well. How is that done as far as the DNS setups go?

    It has to be doable, I'm sure it's doable, but I guess I'd like to read up on it or hear some opinions. I'm relatively new to 2003 (just made the jump from NT4 believe it or not for the entire corporation so I'm catching up on a few things).

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    Re: DNS question in 2003 Server domain/AD

    I suggest you read the docs for R2 - they have really made it much easier there to set up a branch office. It's not just DNS (though that is a major issue) it's printers, distribution shares and Group Policy just for starters

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      Re: DNS question in 2003 Server domain/AD

      I am also having a problem which I suspect is DNS or DHCP. I seem to be unable to move a large file across the network. The transfer begins normally then I receive an error message which states that the network name no longer exists. I am able to reconnect to the share right away. It seems as if the server forgets where the file is being sent. I am running Server 2003 in a domain with 3 clients. 2 run XP and the other runs 2000 pro. I have DHCP setup on the domain controller. I at one point was using my SOHO router for DHCP with the same result. Event viewer gave me an event id of 6702. Should I configure another computer as another DNS or DHCP server?
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