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  • Lost Administrator Password

    I am here having tried some of the suggested solutions in In all cases, I continue to get to the Windows Welcome Screen. This is on Windows 2000 Server.

    Unfortunately, I do not have much more information. A friend (truly) lost his password and I said I would help. Whether I use a floppy or CD, neither seems to be used for boot up, to interrupt the normal boot-up routine. I always get to the login/password screen.

    I could use any advice. I promised my friend I would have something for him by Monday.


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    Re: Lost Administrator Password

    You will have to do some research on this to find the tools and more info, but you could use PWDump and brute force crack it.

    that shold be a good start for you. I hope that applies to server boxes too, I have tried Cain & Abel and few other ones to get through regular 2000 boxes and few methods worked just fine.


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      Re: Lost Administrator Password

      Thanks, but found a back door.