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IE screw ups

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  • IE screw ups

    IE applications was not functioning suddenly. Well, I always hits the microsoft error reporting screens when i click on the IE error.

    As there's no remove options for IE. The IE folder was remove from the programn files folder.... ( was not recommended actually .. )

    Then i followed the method of removing the reinstallation registry so that fresh copy of IE can be reinstalled. but it does'nt helps. the process ended in less than 5 seconds and an installation of IE was not done.... can anyone pls help. thanks alot

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    You could try using the repair tools on the Windows CD, or reinstalling IE form the CD.

    If it really gets serious you might need to reinstall/repair Windows - IE is pretty deeply embedded into Windows nowadays.

    I suggest you find a different browser - I use Mozilla FireFox. It's great - smaller, more stable, faster in many cases, has a lot of features that I don't know how I lived without.
    Give it a try - It's great!


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      Maybe restoring

      I think if you boot your computer using ur windows CDROM you can recover the files.
      Best regards,
      Mostafa Itani

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        Try this

        This small utility will erase the traces of IE so that you can install from fresh.
        If the above link does not work then try this:

        Good luck.
        P.S. Try Mozilla or Opera... better than IE
        If it working... don't touch it...!