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error in diagram controller

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  • error in diagram controller

    i ve a big problem :
    i ve a windows server 2003 , only one , a domain and when i do :
    dsquery server -hasfsmo schema , it gives me the following message :
    object not found , it can't find my schema controller.
    so i can't install Microsoft exchange.

    How can i repare my schema controller ?
    Thank's to your ans !

    *Excuse me for my bad language , i m a french.
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    Re: error in diagram controller

    Have you recently upgraded or removed the first DC on your site??

    Typically the Schema master is the first DC that get installed on your network.

    I've heard of people disconnecting these machines from the network then adding them only when schema changes need to occur.

    If the server is unavailable then you can sieze the Schama master role to your new server.