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Help with 2003Server and VPN Router setup

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  • Help with 2003Server and VPN Router setup

    Ok, we purchased the Linksys BEFV41 VPN router in the logic that it would make life easier and more secure to create a VPN for our workers who work from home and some from the field (so no static IPs for some). The first question really is placement of the router. Currently I have the ISP's router running to a 24 port D-Link Gigabit switch and out to the 2003 Server. My thought was that the VPN router would go in between the ISP router and the switch. ISPRouter-->VPNRouter-->Switch-->2003Server
    The gateway is ( and the IP of the Server is I have DNS pointing back to the server.
    If I set up the VPN Router this way I was thinking that I should set the router as (in the same subnet). I'm unsure of this because I now have a router behind a router and the 2003 Server is pointed to as the gateway. I'm also unsure as to whether I should turn DHCP on or off on the VPN router. I've read so many setup articles yet all of them are either a 2003 Server by itself or there isn't a 2nd router, etc. I'm sure this is simple for plenty of you guys out there so I would appreciate any input.
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    Re: Help with 2003Server and VPN Router setup

    I think that if you review:

    You will find out a few option to setup the router.
    Yoy should note that usually the build in DHCP works in this device and
    its recommanded to disable it.

    The installation depand on your network settings, for emample:

    ISP Router, external interface:
    ISP Router, internal interface :

    Router (new), external interface:
    Router (new), internal interface:

    You may need to add static route in the router (new) that point all traffic from to to default gateway

    Also, If the network require good security, Fortinet 60/Netscreen 5GT will do the work much better.


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    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Help with 2003Server and VPN Router setup

      One question that jumped out at me. If the traffic is going through both routers then the switch and to the server. I'm running DHCP on the server with the IP scheme (subnet) of the ISP router. Do I need to change that or should I have the new router (internal) ip be on the same subnet? I guess what I'm asking is if I will run into problems if I keep everything on the 10.0.1.X and what the pros and/or cons would be to keep it or change it?

      This would have
      ISP router external 65.207.XX.XX
      ISP router internal
      New router external
      New router internal
      Then build the VPN tunnels for VPN traffic. Is this way off? I am just trying to figure out how this is going to effect my DHCP settings on the server.
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        Re: Help with 2003Server and VPN Router setup

        According to Linksys support the router will not work for VPN traffic UNLESS it is the main router (exposed to the outside world). I'm going to look a little deeper in case I can find a way. Surely other people user these routers to keep from paying monthly fees to their ISP for VPN connectivity.