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Set Proxy adress for Domain Users

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  • Set Proxy adress for Domain Users

    Suppose I have win03 with this IP (
    I use :8080 as Proxy adress for Lan settings of Domain USers.
    Now I have added another Proxy server on :6565(the above Server)
    Now I want users to use The newly added Proxy adress ( :6565) as their Internet Proxy adress. better to say that :users use :8080 & :6565 simoltaneously
    port 8080 for LAN Proxy settings & the 6565 for their internet Proxy.

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    Re: Set Proxy adress for Domain Users

    The easy way will be use GPO -> User Configuration to add the new Internet explorer Settings.


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      Re: Set Proxy adress for Domain Users

      Firstly, why do you need a proxy for the internal LAN? How will the browser on the client know which proxy to use? You can only have one proxy setup in the browser.

      As yuval14 stated, use a GPO to set proxy settings. Be careful of notebook users who take their notebooks home and use their home internet connections- it won't work at home because the GPO sets the proxy settings in the browser and the browser will be looking for the work proxy!

      You should always setup proxy settings using DHCP. Thus, if a notebook is in the office it will aquire a DHCP lease from the server which will include all proxy settings. When the notebook goes home, it will retrieve DHCP settings from the home router and thus a different set of proxy settings which will enable the notebook to work at home also.

      I use ISA server at work, and ISA Server can publish its client config over DHCP, have a look here for my solution.
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