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Connect to MY PC remotely

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  • Connect to MY PC remotely

    I have a PC on my home running WinXP.
    I have laptop using while travel runnign XP.
    I want to access my files which are located on My home PC.
    I could connect to it through dial up modem.The connection from laptop to pc established but I do not know how to access files in my PC.
    I can not use third party softwares.

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    Re: Connect to MY PC remotely

    you can try remote desktop in XP,

    click on START, programs, accessories, communications.

    when you launch RDP, click on the local resources tab and make sure you map, DISK DRIVES.

    If you're behind a firewall you probably have to open up some ports.I believe the port RDP is on is 3389

    too bad you don't want to try 3rd party software, this one is interesting:

    its free.


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      Re: Connect to MY PC remotely

      But where in RDP I can define my home phone number
      Could I use this utility in win03.Is there any changes in steps or programs while use the phone line to connect to Domain
      In the case which I would like to access to network from my pc with a dialup modem.


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        Re: Connect to MY PC remotely

        are you dialing in directly from modem to modem or are you dialing into the internet and then connecting via IP?

        here's a snipet from ms site on connectivity:

        The connection to Remote Desktop for Administration uses TCP/IP, either over an existing network connection or by remote access. A remote access server running one of the Windows Server 2003 family operating systems provides two different types of remote access connectivity:

        Network and Dial-up Connections

        Virtual private networking

        RDP uses TCP/IP to connect. However method you use, the connection must be IP based. So if you're not using dialup to internet, then you must setup a direct dial connection from one pc to another, which sounds like you may have already.

        then what you need to do is get the ip address, of the host machine and connect it via that way.

        this fellow i think is going after the same thing you are.