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  • netwrk drawing software & inventory

    i dont know if its the right forum...
    does anybody know of a drawing software to help draw/sketch an existing computer lab? so it will be easy to find everything in the lab. and be dynamic to changes in the lab.
    the lab has unix, linux & pc stations on network. it also has networking gear (router' hubs...)

    it would also be nice if someone knows an inventory software or database to keep track of the stations in the lab (hardware, specification, whats installed on each station) it does not have to be updated using the network (although prefered)
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    Re: netwrk drawing software & inventory

    Fair and good questions - always asked by any decent network administrator who wishes to do the job properly.

    There is an abundance of software to help.

    The first real question you should ask and answer is: how much money is available to achieve this goal? That will help determine what class software you are looking for.



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      Re: netwrk drawing software & inventory

      The tool I found simpliest to use is Visio. You can create physical as well as logical network diagrams, and detail them as much as you wish.
      It will allow you to create rooms by dimension and place in racks, by physical size, or layout computer or other furniture.
      Its really robust once you get into it.
      As far as inventory is concerned, I usually keep a spreadsheet with asset tags, but some other applications like Track-It! will have additional helpdesk features as well as an inventory sub-system.


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        Re: netwrk drawing software & inventory

        thanks for the advice