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Create a new website in IIS, XP Pro

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  • Create a new website in IIS, XP Pro

    I have read most of the "How to's" on running multiple websites from one IP and i understand that part. Right now i am struggling with XP Pro, trying to create new websites in the IIS. I can create Virtual directories, but if i do i can not change the corresponding host header. (there simply is no option like that.) I saw a "how to" for multiple websites on one IP, and it already had multiple sites configured on the IIS. (it only needed the Host Header change) The procedure noted in most "help" files is:
    Click on the Web(server), not the FTP Server in your IIS client.
    Go to New
    Click Website and the Wizard will show up.
    ....but there is no option like that ("Website" that is) except the Virtual directory and some other useless stuff.
    Can anyone help? pls
    Thanks in advance.

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    This might not be relevant for you, however, I develop multiple websites on my Laptop which runs XP Pro.

    I gave up using IIS and started using Cassini which is available from A Cassini user has modified the Microsoft version to support multiple websites and it works brilliantly on XP Pro.

    The only problem with it is it doesnt support classic ASP pages, it was originally designed specifically for .Net Development, so if your creating just static HTML websites or .Net web applications, i would strongly recommend getting Cassini EX. Its available on the ASP.Net MessageBoards in the Cassini Forum.




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      Thanks for the info. I'll try it 'n see how it works. I can't live with these "Virtual Directories" anymore.