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Connect printer to Win7 64bit from Server2003 32bit

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  • Connect printer to Win7 64bit from Server2003 32bit

    Hi All,

    I have a Windows Server 2003 (32bit OS) running as a print server.

    I'm having difficulty connecting to older model printers (HP Laserjet 2300 & HP Laserjet 4100) from a Windows7 64 bit PC.
    It keeps prompting me to install for example the driver for the HP Laserjet 2300 PCL 6 driver (which in Windows7 64 bit doesnt exist) on the PC.
    I have the HP Universal Print Driver loaded for both X64 & X86 on the print server but still getting the message to prompt to load the PCL 6 driver. I have also pointed the Windows7 to the PCL6 (32bit) driver for the printer but to no avail.

    Any ideas how I can proceed?


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    Re: Connect printer to Win7 64bit from Server2003 32bit

    Install the universal printer driver directly onto the Win7 box, then connect that box to the printer share. I had the same issue with WinXP workstation sharing a printer in a home network, and another client was a Win7 laptop. Only way to get it working was install the driver directly on the client laptop first, then connecting to the printer share, second.
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      Re: Connect printer to Win7 64bit from Server2003 32bit

      Try RicklesP's method.. if it failed then try the following:

      Your Win7 client is looking for the PCL driver not the universal driver on your print server.

      You can do a local TCP/IP printer map from your win7 client. Then point the driver to the universal 64bits driver. Or Windows might able to install the drivers from its local driver database.

      Once the driver is successfull installed with that printer. now delete the printer map and try to map it to the print server