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1 slow site when using ISA proxy

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  • 1 slow site when using ISA proxy

    we got an isa 2000 proxy server that all are clients are going through. everything is working fine but when they try to access 1 particular site it takes up to 5 minutes to load. is the site. All clients are windows XP SP1 or SP2, using IE6.0 as their webbrowser. When the proxy is turned off at the client machine it loads up at normal speed. when its turned on again it takes forever to load. when using firefox with the proxy set it loads at normal speed also, which leads me to believe its and IE issue. the site is an https site using ssl which was my first though as to why it didn't work. however every other https site works fine. every pc seems to have the same speed issue with this 1 site. any idea's?
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    Re: 1 slow site when using ISA proxy

    Please set the ISA to exclude this site from being cached.


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