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DNS & 2 Network Cards

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  • DNS & 2 Network Cards

    Hi, we are new to Petri's site but have used his tips a lot! We have the following configuration:

    1 Windows 2003 server running as a domain controller with Active Directory. It also has exchange 2003 on it and two network cards.

    1 network card is connected to the internal network on 10.1.0.xx range and has a static ip address of Our other network card is connected directly to a BT router with a static ip address of assigned to the network card. We can telnet and perform smtp internally but when we connect the BT router and effectively connect it to the internet, we cannot ping the and we cannot telnet it and it does not recieve any mail, although mail goes out OK.

    We setup both telnet and smtp access on the public card, as well as a basic firewall. When we traced the ping, it failed after connecting to the BT router and not connecting to our machine, so we assume that the DNS is incorrect!

    We are having terrible trouble with the DNS setup. Our domain is called rafa.local and our mail server is We host the mail server and our web site is hosted elsewhere. The mx record definately points to as we have an old novell box on the end and it receives mail without any problems.

    Can anyone tell us what we should have in the reverse and forward lookup zones for A records and mx records? As well as what is required in the root.

    We have tried all sorts of combinations and still cannot get it to work. I understand that it must be the dns that is causing the problem as it does not respond to any requests from the Internet. A list of what is needed within the lookup zones would be useful.

    Please help! (If you require any further information, we are happy to provide it!)

    Thank you

    Alan Owen
    JA Computer Solutions Ltd

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    Re: DNS & 2 Network Cards

    > I understand that it must be the dns that is causing the problem as it does not respond to any requests from the Internet

    Wrong. The problem could be lower in the IP stack. I wonder if you set the default gateway on the windows box correctly, ie pointing to the router?

    wrt DNS: consider the internal and external DNS seperately. Also, if the outside DNS resolves to your external IP, it should be fine.


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      Re: DNS & 2 Network Cards

      Thanks for the help, we have checked the IP, NAT etc and the server now received and sends mail!!!

      Thanks Again.