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Server 2003 R2

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  • Server 2003 R2

    Hey everyone, generally when I have issues with Active Directory, I come here first. I got my start in Server 2000 AD infrastructure but never really had much of a chance to troubleshoot it. Really, I only know how to set it up and fix minor issues. I've managed our 2003 domain for about 5 years now, but I'm starting to have some minor issues that could turn into major problems.

    So, here's my setup. I have 8 servers, 6 are 2003 R2 and the other two are 2008. The "PDC" or first DC in the network is a 2003R2 server and local to me and since I added the 2008 servers, had to upgrade the schema on that server to 2008. The other DC's are all on remote networks communicating via VPNs and each carries a GC. All that has been well and good and it's been running great for some time.

    However, I have this really odd issue... My domain is off by 5 minutes. I've set my PDC to retrieve time from several servers listed on the website, yet our domain is still off by exactly 5 minutes.

    A while ago I did some research into this and I thought I found an article about this, but I can no longer track it down. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this -5 minute issue on my domain?

    Also, can whoever has the answer, give me a step by step on what to do, i.e. running a registry edit on the PDC, then apply this fix so it is propagated to each DC on the remote networks and then the clients?

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    Re: Server 2003 R2

    Are any of these DCs virtual machines?

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      Re: Server 2003 R2

      What do you mean the domain is off by 5 minutes? Do you mean that domain clients differ from the domain hierarchy by 5 minutes or do you mean that all domain members (including the DC's) are off by 5 minutes from some external time source?


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        Re: Server 2003 R2

        @JeremyW: None of them are virtual. They're all individual hardware.

        @Joeqwerty: All devices are off by 5 minutes, including the DC's. So, no tombstoning yet.

        Something my tech just pointed out, was that in the registry on the PDC, the time servers do not appear to be "space" delimited. They are showing up with commas... will they show up with commas even if you ran the w32t commands properly (using space delimiters)?
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          Re: Server 2003 R2

          Hi, i've used this in the past to resolve a similar issue.

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