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2003 Server reconfig help

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  • 2003 Server reconfig help

    Hi Guys,

    I have just down sized an operation of loads of pc's hung off a second card in a 2003 SBS and the main network connected to the router... we no longer need this server as we have moved to a nas drive, but being sbs it holds our emails...

    So i have got rid of the DHCP and DNS setting and got the server connected to the network and it can use the internet and is on-line...

    However, neither of the 2 desktop PCs we have kept can now log onto the server... pinging the name resolves the IP address, but times out.

    The server is able to ping the 2x pcs no problem and connect...

    So my question is... what have i done wrong! i must have missed something!

    I just need to get this server back to being a basic server with exchange, so we can store data on the drives and used the exchange to look at older emails.

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    Re: 2003 Server reconfig help

    What have you actually done?

    Does the server now have only one network card?

    Is the Windows Firewall enabled on the server? If so I would disable it to see if you can now ping from the PC's to the server