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Adding User to "Remote Desktop Group"

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  • Adding User to "Remote Desktop Group"

    Hi again,

    After a lot of test, rebootings and a hard investigation into your great site and microsoft technet site, I am ready for log'in in to the remote desktop into server as simple "user domain". I needed to add this user into "remote desktop users group" and also I needed to modify a certain parameter at "Domain Controller Security Policy".

    Then this is ok but this "simple user" has privilege to install software, access to root hard disc, etc...

    It seems that a single domain user logged as Remote Desktop becomes like an administrator in server machine... How can I modify any kind of "local" users acces for that remote desktop users? I can't find how to.

    Thank you a lot

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    Re: Adding User to "Remote Desktop Group"

    Out of curiosity, why would you have domain users accessing your servers?
    If you want to lock them down, use a preferred Terminal Server template to adjust permissions on the server. Be aware that this will affect ALL users, including the domain\Administrator account.

    Try these websites to locate GPO's you can add to those servers:


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      Re: Adding User to "Remote Desktop Group"

      Hi Borracho,

      Thank you for your response. I think this is the information that I need!

      I explain you this. I have some people working from another cities using a hardware VPN for accessing our network and files. These users need to access to a huge protected database (arround 1 Gb file). If these try to access via VPN (1024 kbytes/sec) it is very slow to open the hole file and then a fast solution is accessing via Terminal Services and open the DB in the server. I think this is a good solution, do you think?

      I will read your info and try it.