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NT to W2K3 Migration

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  • NT to W2K3 Migration

    I have purchased two new W2K3 servers to replace my existing NT PDC and BDC. Which is the best way to migrate over ?

    1. Join the new servers to the existing NT domain and run ADMT

    2. Join the NT servers to a new W2K3 domain and run ADMT

    I have alreadt downloaded the MS article on what they think, but it is always nice to have some first hand experience knowledge.


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    Re: NT to W2K3 Migration

    Hi John.

    As UI'm sure you've found, MS generally seems to recommend a path like this one:

    1. Add one of your new servers onto your network
    2. Install NT 4 on it (sp6a + all updates) - make it a BDC
    3. Promote it to be the PDC (this will make your current PDC a BDC)
    4. Let it ride on the domain for about 15 minutes or so (be sure it replicates)
    5. Take the new PDC offline and upgrade it to Win2K3, etc.

    All of this can be found in the book "Migrating From Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 to Windows Server 2003" by Microsoft Press as well as any number of good websites.

    I started down this path and decided to shift gears mid-stream.

    In my case, I have ~10 NT servers (and 70 users). I had 3 new servers to play with and so I decided that it would be better to simply create a parallel Win2K3 domain and gradually migrate services and users over to it. This method seemed to give me much more flexibility and opportunities for testing.

    At this point, I still have my NT domain (production domain) and also my Win2K3 domain. They have a two-way trust relationship between them.

    I've installed SQL Server 2000 and an upgraded version of our DMS on the new domain. I'm testing that, at my leisure. Next, I'll work on other services like Remote Access,etc. After that I'll migrate user and printer information over to the new domain. Then, files and other services. Lastly, I'll migrate users over to the new domain. I also have an Exchange server upgrade (on the 3rd new server) to do.

    It seemed to me that this was a much less risky way to go. It may be a bit slower but I have the time to do it this way. I was sold by what I viewed as an extra opportunity to test and work out any kinks without affecting my users.

    Many may disagree with this methodology and I'll defer to their expertise but this is what I'm doing in a similar situation.

    Good luck.