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ping poor response time - reason ?

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  • ping poor response time - reason ?

    Hello to all!

    Two days ago something very strange started happening on my Server 2003. It has two NICs, ona of these network cards sees in the internet thru ISA.
    Installed software: it is DC, with Exchange, SQL, ISA.
    yesterday I noticed some delayings while accessing internet resources.
    When I ping this server from internet, response time is constantly changing every a few minutes.. from 30ms of response time to 3000 ms....
    Please advise, what the reason might be for these delayings ?
    What should I check on the server ?
    And, in general, long response time - is this network problem (worm???) or system's overloading might impact on that time as well ???

    all advices are highly appreciated!!!!!! thanks in advance!


    Mihail Kravsun

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    Re: ping poor response time - reason ?

    How the server connect to the internet? dial up? dsl? what the network perfomance of the internet connection? Is there heavy load use on the internet? Did you tried to change the MTU size?
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: ping poor response time - reason ?

      to yuval14:
      thank you for response!

      This server connects to the internet via ADSL connection. to be short:
      external NIC -> Linksysrouter -> ADSL Modem.

      Beside of the main server, I connected one more (WEB) server to the Linksys router.

      Speed of the ADSL connection - 512 for downloading and 128 for uploading

      There are about 30 users connected to the server.

      MTU - size... I haven't tried to change this
      Can you please explain me:
      1)how can I change it
      2)why I should try to change it?

      thank you!

      Mihail Kravsun
      MCSA, CCNA


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        Re: ping poor response time - reason ?

        With relatively slow uplink, the first thing I would check would be the SMTP queues of your Exchange server. It could be that someone from within the organization is sending a lot ( or large) emails to the outside, effectively choking the uplink, which results in delays sending ICMP Echo Reply packets to the outside, when you ping it.
        Guy Teverovsky
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          Re: ping poor response time - reason ?

          I check smtp queue..Nothing special... Only one message pending to be sent, 9 megs in size.... I am not sure how this message might impact network bandwith...
          Is there any tools to check any network bottlenecks ?
          Task Manager is showing only 1 percent of WAN NIC utilization....

          Mihail Kravsun
          MCSA, CCNA


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            Re: ping poor response time - reason ?

            Just a thought - Have you tried rebooting the Linksys device? I have times when I am unable to connect to certain sites and a reboot fixes it. Although when I have tried to ping the unavailable site I get a timed out result.
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