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DNS not registering A records

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  • DNS not registering A records

    Hey guys,

    I am having a problem where my dns server isn't registering new clinet computers. Initially the environment was an SBS environment and had multiple 2003 servers as DC's. The SBS server went down and I seized the roles with one of the 2003 servers. Now I am getting dozens of errors including gpupdate not resolving and dns A records not registering. Could someone give me a little insight?

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    Re: DNS not registering A records

    Hi shawndz,

    How many DNS servers do you have and are they using AD Integrated zones?
    Is your DHCP server handing out the proper DNS server settings?
    Have you updated your statically configured computers with the proper DNS servers?
    Are the DNS servers pointed to themselves for DNS lookups?

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      Re: DNS not registering A records

      Just because you have DCs running doesn't mean the clients are getting DNS resolution. If the DNS server IP address info on the client PC NICs are pointing to the SBS server, since it's offline, so's DNS.

      If the clients are all getting their addresses via DHCP, change the DNS Server settings inside each DHCP scope that's active, then either restart the clients or from a command line on each one, issue 'ipconfig /release', then 'ipconfig /renew'. the address you change in the scope must be the IP held by a running DNS server (at least one of your DCs?)
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