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  • Another Backup Exec question


    I have 2 servers that I would like to back up on a daily basis. 1 is a file server, and the other is an exchange server. They both have there own tape drives. Now, I want to use Backup Exec. Can I purchase the backup Exec 10d and install it on both servers? Or will it not back up the Exchange data? Like mailboxes ect.? I could install it on the file server and get an agent for Exchange but I don't want to have to switch tapes during the night, because all the data from both servers would def. fill up the tape.
    Another question, I am currently using an evaluation version of 10d, On the exchange server, when I try to select the Mailboxes it says I do not have access to the mailboxes or public folders, but I am using the administrator log on account? I dont understand why it is not giving me access? any ideas?

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    Re: Another Backup Exec question

    1. You will need to add to the Exchange system manager option to show the security settings:

    2. Then, you will need to remove the deny right to Administrators, Domain Admin, Enterprise Admin from the root Exchange orginization.

    3. Then, verity that the Administrator account have Logon as service,
    Act as part of the operating system, Create token object

    4. Reboot the server and try to see if it reslove your issue to see the mailboxes.

    You have two solution for backups:

    1. Buy two licenses for Backupexec 10d - One for each server with tape.
    2. Buy license for Backup server + Exchange Agent and backup the
    Exchange from remote. You may need to buy a new tape to avoid
    replaching the backup tape media. Its recommanded to buy
    at least LTO1 External tape.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Another Backup Exec question

      sorry for the late reply, and thanks for the information. I am still researching options and I think that I have decided to get one full version and then the agent for exchange. I am wondering if I am looking at the correct products. Seems to me that the full version of backup exec 10d for win servers costs around 475-500. The exchange agent costs 680!! Am I looking at the wrong thing, seems like the agent should be less expensive than the full ver. Am I right or wrong? Second, will Backup Exec give me the option to back up user data from the file server to one tape ..then exchange data to another tape? I believe that it will be available in the selections list.



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        Re: Another Backup Exec question

        That sounds about right for the software.

        Please remember though that you will need to buy 2 licences, one for each machine, and an exchange agent licence for the exchange box.

        Depending on the size of the tape drive and the amount of data on the file server then you may get away with 1 ful version of BE and the exchange agent, and 1 remote agent licence for the file server.


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          Re: Another Backup Exec question

          Actually I just read an article on this site about using NT backup to back up Exchange data. I am going to try to do that tonight. I have tried using NT backup in the past and it has never worked. I will follow the instructions in that write up and see if it works. I have always selected Sys state along with MBX and all the exchange stuff. we will see, I will post reply tomorrow.

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            Re: Another Backup Exec question

            NTBackup worked to back up the mailbox store. so that is great. Bad news is it is too much data for the 4mm 20/40gb tape drive I have in that server. So I want to use my file server, which has a 40/80dlt drive in it to back up my Exchange data. So please if you know the answers to my question in my other post called Remote Backup of Exchange Server please reply to that! thanks.
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