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Default user profile in Netlogon share

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  • Default user profile in Netlogon share


    I'd like to use the default user profile in Netlogon share on our DC.
    The users' workstations are a mix of XPs and 2000 pros.

    Let's say I create a custom default user profile using XP workstation, configure with XP start menu and XP appearance style, and copy to netlogon share, default user profile on DC.

    What happens if the userís OS is Windows 2000 PRO? Will it cause any issues for the Windows 2000 Pro users since default userís profile in netlogon share on DC was created using an XP workstation with XP settings?

    And if using NETLOGON share for the default user profile instead of local PCís, does the new userís profile get created on the DC or on the userís local PC?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Default user profile in Netlogon share

    The mix of win2k and winxp should be ok.
    When you log in the 1st time to a PC that u have never logged into before it looks at the server NETLOGON directory and gets the profile settings off there. It will then keep the profile settings on that pc. Only if you use roaming profiles would it then be storing the profile stuff on a DC.