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RIS and USB drives

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  • RIS and USB drives

    I want to share my (sad) experience with RIS.
    After succesfully restoring some tens of stations with RIS, I reached to one where there was a D: drive with some GBs of files that I wanted to keep.
    Knowing that RIS will format the whole hdd, I plugged my Maxtor One Touch 100GB USB2 drive and moved there all the folders.
    Next I rebooted the station, blue RIS screen, next next next and I left the room for 20 minutes.
    When I came back to see the restored station, It looked exactly as before RIS, no change recorded. OK, I must say that I forgot the existence of the USB drive, that unfortunately was still plugged.
    I wrongly supposed that RIS installed the system to D: partition and I manually formated the HDD again with only one partition, and btw I unplugged the usb drive.
    This time everything was fine.... until I wanted to restore back the files from the Maxtor USB HDD. Then I realized that at the first try RIS installed the system on the USB drive.... cruelly formatting it: all the backups vanished: the files from the old D: and all the ancient backups stored there.
    How %$%$$ RIS could access (and format) a USB drive it in the pre-GUI stage ?
    It's late for me now, but if you are a RIS admin please have it in mind:

    Ariel S.

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    Re: RIS and USB drives

    Did you BIOS allow boot from USB drive? If so, there some logic why the RIS try to install the image on the USB drive.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: RIS and USB drives

      I didn't check the bios settings, too late for me.
      It's clear that RIS was tricked by the bios to recognize the USB drive as a local hdd. Or may I say the bios was tricked by the Maxtor drive.
      Anyway it's better to be aware of this behaviour when using RIS


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        Re: RIS and USB drives

        Ariel-s, appreciate greatly you sharing your misfortune with us. You post will save a member some grief one day. Thank you!
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