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Problems access the server I VPN into on the lan

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  • Problems access the server I VPN into on the lan

    Hey all.

    After I VPN into my works network through one of the 2003 member servers, I can't access that particular server on the lan. Once connected I can use Remote Desktop to connect to the server, but I cannot connect to it in network Neighborhood or by clicking Start->Run->\\<servername>.

    Also, other troubling features abound. On the regular lan, Win9x machines can no longer connect to this. I believe there are two member servers, and from what I understand the two servers snchronize their policy settings, right? Everyone can attach to the one server, but the other server gives us problems (no connect via win98, no connect after vpn connect into lan - but will connect with remote desktop).

    If I am wrong in any of my assertions, please let me know. if you have any tips on troubleshooting or hints as to what direction i should take this, I'd appreciate it.


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    Re: Problems access the server I VPN into on the lan


    is that a vpn client sonicwall ,cisco etc if so make sure that netbios broadcasts are allowed through the vpn tunnel otherwise browsing to sharename will not work full stop.if it isnt a vpn client but is the microsoft built in client make sure netbios ovet tcp/ip is enabled on that connection also see if you can add the address of your wins server on your lan to the vpn connection.


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      Re: Problems access the server I VPN into on the lan

      This is just a normal windows vpn client. No special settings.

      I'm still baffled at the fact Win98 machines can't connect to this one server, but can connect to the identical 2003 server next to it. They have identical settings, and were setup at the same time. 2k/XP systems can hit both. On the VPN, I am having the same problem, but I am connecting to it (its the vpn server), and I can remote desktop into it, and I can ping it.