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Multiple domains on single IP

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  • Multiple domains on single IP

    Hi all

    I have a single static IP (Tiscali wont give me more..) and 2x Win2003+Exchange2003 servers for 2 seperate domains. I have a another server that I am seting up a smarthost for SMTP (this far I can do!) so that mail goes to the correct places, but I am stuck on how to pass OWA, OMA, RPC via HTTP/S to the correct server, as both domains need access to all these services! I will also be setting up ActiveSync on one of the servers. I currently use ports 3389 and 3390 to pass to the correct places.

    Anyine ahve any idea of how to set all this up?! I have access to 2x more Server 2003 licenses (total 4) and have just had an email through from one of the company's regarding the possibility of Sharepoint hosting on their server as well.




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    Re: Multiple domains on single IP

    You can use SSL host headers to work around OWA/OMA. Read up on it.

    RPC is going to be a problem.

    Requiring your users to utilize a VPN may allow you to work around these single IP issues. Just a thought.
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