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how to enable remote desktop - out side the network

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  • how to enable remote desktop - out side the network


    my lan configured with windows 2003 server(standard edition) with 5 winxp prof machines shared internet with ADSL router. i want to enable remote desktop sharing with with my home computer (from one of my lan machine TO my home pc), i can able to share the remote desktop with in the lan. but not outside
    i am using 8 port switch for LAN
    do i need static ip to configure the remote desktop?
    any one knows?
    i tried with netmeeting,windowsxp remote desktop..etc all is working with in same lan i want to know how to how to configure remote desktop sharingout side the lan.

    also wants to know how to configure webserver(IIS) to enable iis ?

    help me
    regards from
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    Re: how to enable remote desktop - out side the network

    Most home broadband accounts use a static IP address, so I am assuming by your comments as well that you have a dynamic one.

    Go to a dynamic provider like and get yourself a dynamic address ( and their software utility (it maps your dynamic IP to their name servers). Staticly IP your home pc, and pass port 3389 through (3389 external to 3389 internal). Then, point your remote desktop program (I assume XP's Remote Desktop?) to the address and it *should* pass you straight through to your home pc.

    Some routers also have a UPnP option - I have found that enabling this does sometimes also help.