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Windows 7 domain move Server 2003

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  • Windows 7 domain move Server 2003

    Our company was recently taken over and I'm looking into the best way to migrate users from our old domain into the new corporate one. They're willing to provide domain trust as long as I give a plan for total migration with a reasonable timescale.

    For the most part, this seems fairly easy (I've done a domain migration before), but I have no experience in migrating clients on Windows 7. Last time, it was all XP and from a 2000 to a 2003 domain, using the Security Translation Wizard in the AD Migration Tool. This time, it's 2003 to 2003 (I know!), but 80% of the clients are now on Windows 7.

    I don't yet have the ability to test the tool... does it work the same way, or is there a newer tool for migrating Windows 7? Most of the things I've found on Google assume that I'm either on or moving to a Server 2008 (or later) domain.


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    Re: Windows 7 domain move Server 2003

    use ADMT - Active Directory Migration Tool
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