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I cannot Logon after running dcpromo on Windows Server 2003 Machine

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  • I cannot Logon after running dcpromo on Windows Server 2003 Machine

    Ok I just ran DCPromo on a new VPS 2003 Server and everything went succesfully. I followed this guide and installed my domain controller in a new forrest. I already setup DNS and had it setup and running and I followed the guide to the T and everything was successfuly. Activedirectory installed succesfully and I asked to reboot. As soon as I reboot when I try to access my VPS via Terminal Service Client and I put in my administrator user name and password I cannot log in anymore and it says

    "The SYstem could not log you on. Make sure your user name and domain are correct then type your passwor again.......... "

    Did installing Activedirectory somehow change my username and password or something? And If so how do I fix it as I am only able to access the vps via terminal services client obviously.

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    Re: I cannot Logon after running dcpromo on Windows Server 2003 Machine

    This is going to be tricky... virtual private server... no physical access...

    Typically, the administrator account from the local machine is migrated to an AD account once AD is installed. Make sure that you're using the same user name and password used previously and that the "log on to" field has the domain selected (it might be blank or something). Make sure that the RDP client isn't prepopulated with information user name/password/domain etc that is incorrect.

    Are you seeing the logon screen? If you are, are the user credentials failing, or is it failing to connect? If the connection is failing, did the IP possibly change (dynamic -> static)? Use telnet to test that the port is open.

    telnet ipaddress 3389
    If it works you'll see a blinking cursor. If it fails you'll receive an error.

    Hopefully something didn't get mysteriously enabled/disabled - firewall / RDP etc.

    Good luck,
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