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DNS, DHCP, FILESERVER transition from W2003 to W2008R2 DC's

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  • DNS, DHCP, FILESERVER transition from W2003 to W2008R2 DC's

    New around the forums, but have been reading articles on for quite some time now. First post, apologies for the length.

    We have a stable Windows 2003 Standard network.

    W2003 DC1 on x.x.x.10 - DC, DNS, DHCP, FILESERVER

    We are upgrading the network, and have a second server Windows 2008 R2 ready for insertion.

    W2008R2 DC2 on x.x.x.20 - DC

    For the transition, I plan to:

    a) Prepare the Active Directory environment, using adprep.exe

    b) Install the DC2 and promote it, using dcpromo.exe

    c) Then transfer the FSMO roles to DC2.

    What I need to do next is the bit I'm struggling with..

    d) Transfer the DNS to DC2
    e) Transfer DHCP to DC2
    f) Transfer FILESERVER to DC2

    g) Take DC1 down
    h) Install W2008R2 from scratch
    i) Bring DC1 back up as DC
    j) Transfer FILESERVER back to DC1.

    Since all the current workstations are looking to x.x.x.10 for the DNS, I don't know how to go about transferring the DNS. Presumably I'll have to change the DNS setup on the workstataions to point at DC2?

    I think you can backup DHCP to an export file, and then import it on DC2 - but I'm not 100% sure.

    I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to shift fileserving from one server and back again. The transition is taking place over a weekend, so perhaps I can just backup all the file systems, make the transition and then re-instate them on DC1 and the ACL's will remain the same.

    So my questions are:

    1) How do I transfer DNS from DC1 to DC2?

    2) How do I transfer DHCP from DC1 to DC2?

    3) Can I hold off transferring FILESERVER functionality, until DC1 is back up as a W2008R2 DC, and will the AD take care of ACL's?

    If anyone has advice or help in how to go about performing this transfer and upgrade it would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: DNS, DHCP, FILESERVER transition from W2003 to W2008R2 DC's

    1) Assuming it is AD integrated DNS, just add the role to DC2 and it will get a copy of all zones
    Tell clients (using DHCP) to use the new DNS Server

    2) IMHO don't mess with backups of DHCP, just reduce lease length well in advance to e.g. 4 hours, then once DHCP is installed on DC2 unauthorise DC1 (no more leases issued) and configure an identical scope on DC2 (but with a proper lease length) -- clients will preferentially get their own IP on renewal so they are unlikely to be conflicts.

    3) If you are formatting / reinstalling DC1 you will need to move the files and shares first. Files can be copied with a "permission retaining" utility such as XCOPY and there is a tool to export share permissions from the registry. IMHO treat this as an opportunity to reorganise shares and particularly to implement an AD integrated DFS root so all share access is via \\domain.local\dfs\sharename (do this even if you are not replicating files as it will be easier to move to a new fileserver later).

    Also when you unpromote DC1 prior to flattening it, all FSMOs will be transferred (and they have only one possible target) so no need to specifically transfer them unless you want to.
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