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Server 2003 with Exchange to SBS 2011

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  • Server 2003 with Exchange to SBS 2011

    Hi All

    We have an old server running Server2k3 standard and performing all the roles needed to run a small network. We added Exchange 2k3 on top of that. There is also a newer 2008R2 server on the network holding our database prog.

    The 2003 server has pooched, and I've got a new SBS 2011 box coming. My question - is my current 2k3 server (with Exchange 2k3 installed) essentially the same as SBS 2003? Would migration guides for SBS 2003 apply in my case?

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    Re: Server 2003 with Exchange to SBS 2011

    Most of it is going to be the same. The only thing I can think of that's going to be different is the lack of Sharepoint in your current domain. In which case, you simply skip any Sharepoint steps in whichever migration tool you choose to use.