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  • Server 2003

    HI All,

    Hope someone can point me into the right direction. This problem is related to opening up ADUC or dsa.msc

    We have a terminal server sitting on the network that about 15 people support one of our clients. Our support staff need to access ADUC/dsa.msc to reset passwords in AD etc etc., they connect onto the Terminal server to do this.

    Everything was running on Server 2003, There are multiple DC's running throughout the country, were running Server 2003. Everything was working fine with the terminal server everyone could open up ADUC/dsa.msc

    Another company came in and installed Server 2008 servers and then promoted these new DC's and then removed the old ser 2003 DC's. When I asked them the question about why it's not working I was told that there is something wrong with this Terminal server.

    Since then anyone on the Terminal Server is unable to open ADUC/dsa.msc. When you click the icon it does nothing and just hangs. If you look at TASK MANAGER you can see MMC running but nothing happens.

    I am able to open ADUC/dsa.msc on the server with no problem. I found that if I give everyone local admin rights then ADUC/dsa.msc works fine.

    Question...Why does admin rights allow ADUC/dsa.msc to work properly?
    Is this some sort of Security setting that is causing the problems?

    Any help with gladly be appreciated.


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    Re: Server 2003

    How long did you wait out of interest?
    Have you tried just re-installing it?

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: Server 2003

      reinstall it, see how it goes.

      it does sound a bit odd that they'd tell you the terminal server isn't working.. sounds like it might be an IT company trying to boost their revenue..
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