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Applying Proxy Settings on Windows 7

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  • Applying Proxy Settings on Windows 7


    I was hoping someone could help.
    Currently have a situation where I cannot get the proxy settings to apply and override a GPO in its parent folder with proxy.pac details.
    So for example I have a GPO in an OU which has User based settings for IE which points to a proxy.pac.
    I have an OU under that OU which inherits this GPO however I need these users to get an alternate configuration which is to go direct to a proxy server. This GPO should is at precedence 1 in the sequence.
    Denying the other GPO's form applying resolve the issue but that's not what I want, I would like to know why the proxy settings does not override the proxy.pac details. I get inconsistent results each time as if none of the policies apply correctly if both GPO's are applied.

    ON a side note, IU would also like to know which settings to modify for proxy settings, whether to do it via User Configuration\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer Maintanence\Connection on DC Server 2003 or Server 2008 GPO under User Configuration\Preferences\Control Panel Settings\Internet Settings and then create one for IE 8\9. OR BOTH?

    DC: Server 2003
    Workstation: Windows 7

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    Re: Applying Proxy Settings on Windows 7

    Run a GPResult or RSoP and confirm the GPOs are being applied (and are applied in the correct sequence)
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      Re: Applying Proxy Settings on Windows 7

      Have done this and its applying the Policy at the top level and not the GPO at the current OU level. This GPO which is winning has the proxy.pac details, I need the GPO which I have linked to the OU to apply new proxy settings to specific users under a group, its not applying these. Is there some confusion between automatic configuration and proxy server address causing it to fail when applying? I thought that it should just override it but its not happening.

      Any logging I can check on the client end?


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        Re: Applying Proxy Settings on Windows 7

        The last writer should win. What if you set the policy to enforced?
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          Re: Applying Proxy Settings on Windows 7

          I tried that and it failed.

          What has worked for me is applying the proxy settings details and also applying the automatic browser configuration with an invalid address on the same GPO so that it overrides the other Policy for proxy.pac. This way the client will hit the procy.pac invalid address and then move on to the proxy address once it realises its invalid.

          There is no option for to disable 'Automatic Configuration' under User Configuration\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer Maintenance\Connection\Automatic Browser Configuration\ Simply unchecking it does not help as the behaviour of GPO applying is that it will merge with the other GPO if no value is specified.

          The link with the higher order (with 1 being the highest order) has the higher precedence.
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