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Can't RDP to XP pc when DC is offline.

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  • Can't RDP to XP pc when DC is offline.

    Sometimes I take my server down and so when it's offline I can't RDP into my XP64 machine. I get a message saying that the server is offline or something to that effect.

    My other pc is running Win'7 x64 and is connected the same as the xp64 pc but it doesn't have this problem. So there must be something in XP that prevents the connection to work.

    Once the server (win'2003 dc) is up and running I can rdp into it (xp) again. But it's not always going to be available (it's not mission critical) so I need to rdp into other pc's on the network.

    As a workaround I've been forced to use for the time being. Cached credentials are enabled in group policy. And if I log in from the pc physically then it logs in just fine.

    Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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    Re: Can't RDP to XP pc when DC is offline.

    See if there's a local policy set which prevents logins if the domain is unavailable. If the XP client PC is in a different OU in your domain than the Win7 clients, maybe there's a policy set there instead, doing the same thing.

    Are local logins to the XP machine working whether the DC is up or not?
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