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RDP stil works great BUT wat happened to default Listening port 3389

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  • RDP stil works great BUT wat happened to default Listening port 3389

    Hello everyone, pls help educate me.
    Win 2003 server listens by default on port 3389 for term sevices and all works dandy,
    i can see the listening port with netstat -a,
    BUT a BIG curiosity question,
    now i install TERM Server and some CALS and voila it's a TERM server for users, however!!!
    i do a netstat and NO LISTENING port for TERM Sevices anymore, where did it go? nothing there, however i can still get TERM services sessions to start and work just fine.. so what is happening here exactly? anyone?


    Remote access settings have has not changed at all and just as should be, both users and admins can RDP into ths Win 2003R2, SP2 box. All woks well. AND as to secure authentication, Just as before RDP authentication has always been the norm. Jus now i querried 2 other Win2003R2, sp2 boxes that HAVE NOT been configured as Term Servers and they both work fine as well AND they both report the default RDP port, 3389 as LISTENING as expected... Under My Computer, Advanced Settings, Remote the checkbox is grayed out and can not be unchecked, the box that sais, Allow remote users etc etc..

    SO the mystery remains, JUST how is this box, able to service all these RDP requests with NO default RDP port Listening.. For my own knowledge i want to chase this down and learn.

    Perhaps i never noticed it before because all works well but perhaps when a Win2003R2 server (and by association a win2008R2 server) gets changed from a regular box to a TERM server (with installation of Win Licensing Server role and TERM Services CALS) something occurs in the way requests are handled. The Obvious is that this box works well and is servicing all requests.. ALSO for got to mention that this box is also a DC (I know about the server roles not reccm that a TERM Server also be a DC, however very light usage, of only 4-5 users with only 3-4 concurrent logins.. this is a specialized accounting dept machine..)

    Any one care to shed some more light please, all responses welcomed. thx, -pete

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    Re: RDP stil works great BUT wat happened to default Listening port 3389

    It's not the worry about usage its the worry about having your directory database on a machine that users can access. If you are allowing them to log on then I hope you haven't given them domain admin access to do so!

    3389 must be listening for you to be able to RDP to it (assuming you haven't changed the port).

    Can you run this query? I've checked a couple of our TS servers and they both show 3389 listening.

    netstat -n -a -o | find "3389"

    (from here)

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      Re: RDP stil works great BUT wat happened to default Listening port 3389

      TY for responding.

      I can understand about the access and one of the users messing up the machine or violating intended security. TY

      On to my RDP Listening port dillema.

      THAT is exaclty the mystery

      I have done exactly that.
      I have done netstat -a and meticulously pored over that entire list looking for port 3389.
      It seems impossible that NO port is listening for incoming RDP requests because THIS machine services the RDP sessions just fine & dandy!!
      I have checked the registry and YES it is the default port 3389 that this machine is "supposed" to listen on.
      I have checked Services.msc and yes TERMINAL Services IS running.

      Someone gave me a couple of commands to run command line querries to check for runnin services and those came back just fime assuring me that all is running well..

      The question is: IF this machine IS a DC, which is the case
      IF then as i have installed it to be a TERM Server, which i have (installed the Term Server Licensing server and some TS CALs)
      Rebooted it (actually rebooted several times)
      And all woks just fine as intended..
      Does something change in teh way that Windows Server 2003R2, SP2, now services incoming RDP requests?
      i assure you that no listening port exists in teh netstat -a output and its variants (what you suggested also does not show a Listening Port)

      It is confusing to me as to why this is working fine..? I'm thankfull it is, but i'd like to learn why it is... THX again!


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        Re: RDP stil works great BUT wat happened to default Listening port 3389

        If you have someone make an RDP session to the TS server/Dc, and THEN run the 'netstat -a' inquiry, you should see entries which name the PC that the remote user is connecting FROM. That line will tell you what port is being used, if you can't find 3389 as expected.

        But yeah, that's the default port # used, whatever version of Remote Desktop you use.
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