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replication between two virtual ms servers 2003

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  • replication between two virtual ms servers 2003

    Good morning,

    I have tried to find a related topic within the forums but obviously I am not asking the right questions so, please excuse me if I am asking for something that is already here!

    I have a virtualized MS Server 2003 (hosted on the ESXi 4.1) on which I am storing the roaming profiles of several users. The virtual host on which it is hosted recently started to crash a lot and the maintenance will take longer so I need a temporary solution. I copied this machine to another server, and due to lack of licenses I hosted it on a VMWare Player. I tested it already and it looks fine (the IP- addresses of both are the same).

    My question is - how these two machines could work together so when the ESXi crashes the VMWare's one to take over as well as the information between both always to be updated too? The duration of this "replacement" will be not more than one hour.

    Thank you in advance,

    Best Regards,

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    Re: replication between two virtual ms servers 2003

    You're talking about a failover cluster setup, which means multiple physical host PCs with VMs running inside them, and the capacity for transfer of VMs from one host to another when one of those hosts fails.

    Windows Server 2008R2 running Hyper-V has the tools to do this, but you can't simply copy any existing VMWare VMs onto a Windows host--you have to convert the VMs.

    VMWare v5 (I believe) can also do this, but I have no direct experience with it. Either way, you've got some research to do if that's what you want to achieve.
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