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Network file transfer may be slow...?

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  • Network file transfer may be slow...?

    Hey all,

    Got a bit of an odd one... Just in the process of rebuilding one of our DB servers on to new faster hardware and I noticed the network file transfer seems rather slow for the hardware involved. Server 2003 enterprise, gigabit cisco switch & XP Pro PC, connected by gigabit, full duplex through out.

    When I transfer a large file (800Mb) the fastest I can get is 25Mb's, around 22% bandwith utilisation. It should be capable of far more, HDD's either end are more than capable of 140Mb's +...

    I looked at the switch, no errors on the ports in question and it confirms the throughput and utilisation. I've changed network cables & switch, I've truied with a gigabit NAS, looked at QOS, TCP Chimney & offload...

    I'm beginning to doubt my self, am I missing something here...?

    Many thanks


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    Re: Network file transfer may be slow...?

    Is your anti virus scaning network traffic. That may slow it down a bit.
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