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Connect an existing standalone machine to the domain

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  • Connect an existing standalone machine to the domain

    I have inherited a SBS 2003 domain and all that goes with it. I am also very new to server adim and am learning on the job. My current issue is:
    I have a user that is currently working across 2 pc's.
    Pc1 connected to to the domain (this machine no longer works)
    pc2 not connected to the domain.

    All of the users folders from Pc1 are redirected to the server, so although Pc1 is no more, the user will still be able to get his files.

    A conciderable amount of work has been done on Pc2 it also has the latest versions of several CAD Programs.

    I wish to add Pc2 to the domain as the users machine but I want to ensure he can still access the CAD software and the files created with the cad software.

    Can this be achieved using the connect computer wizard and selecting an existing profile to copy?

    Pc1 was xp. Pc2 is Win7.


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    Re: Connect an existing standalone machine to the domain

    Hi Paul,

    I'm sure you alreay know this but the Windows 7 PC must be Windows 7 Pro or ultimate to connect to a domain.

    To connect to an SBS network you'll want to use the connect PC wizard, with the pc attached to the network, if i remember correctly you browse to:


    follow the wizard, you'll need the admin password... You can then transfer all local userdata to domain user using the wizard.

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