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Time Sync 2003 and 2008

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  • Time Sync 2003 and 2008

    We've just implemented a new DC 2008 and transferred all roles to it. One thing I'm having issue with is ensuring all the DC's sync with the PDC emulator and proving as such. We have an additional 2x2003 which will be decommissioned and a further 2008 as GC

    I know not to use net time but I'm not altogether convinced all the settings or what I'm reading is correct.

    DC2008 running PDC Emulator - Registry NTPServer pointing externally and reports as I would expect.

    DC2008 GL - Registry pointing to,0x9 and Type is NT5DS - w32tm /query /source = New DC FSMO.domain.local (this looks correct to me)

    DC2003 (old PDC Emulator) - w32tm /query /source - unrecognised command -Registry has no NTPServer entry and type same as DC2008 GC

    DC2003 (GC) - - w32tm /query /source - unrecognised command - Registry NTPServer and Type set the same as DC2008 GC

    Any thoughts on the 2 x 2003 servers?


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    Re: Time Sync 2003 and 2008

    Right, just checked the event viewer ID 35/37 for both 2003 DC's and both are reporting as syncing with DC.domain.local which suggests it's working ok

    Having read a multitude of readme's on the net, even on Microsoft, what a cockahoot process.


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      Re: Time Sync 2003 and 2008

      As long as the time Type is NT5DS (NT5 Domain Source?), your domain clients get their time from the PDC emulator, regardless of the contents of the '' entry. So if the PDC emulator has time errors with it's external reference, you can expect all sorts of bizarre things to start happening, most of them having to do with authentication or authorization.
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