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Press F6 to install a 3rd party driver

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  • Press F6 to install a 3rd party driver

    Server 2003 R2 Standard.

    I've been in the position before now where i have restored a server (usually Dell, and either identical, or dissimilar) and had problems with the OS booting initially due to RAID drivers.
    Acronis has the ability to inject the drivers using the recovery CD and pointing it at the inf file on a USB device connected, although i'm sure ive also done the same without it by:

    Booting from the 2003 CD and pressing F6 to install a 3rd party driver. At the prompt to install, it finds the offline driver on the floppy and proceeds to the Windows setup page. At this stage, i decline to install and reboot the server which now starts successfully.

    My colleague has just questioned if this works because he has one to do without the Acronis boot CD. Is there anyone else who has successfully done this, or can categorically say if the driver is/is not installed using this method?


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    Re: Press F6 to install a 3rd party driver

    Slipstream the driver using nLite.
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