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    I have a directory including a 53GB sized file I want to copy from a Buffalo Terastation to a server nightly.

    The destination is a W2003 server with:

    C: Drive - 40 GB (2 GB Free)
    D: Drive - 192GB (64GB Free)

    Temp and TMP is set to D:\Temp

    When I copy the file using ROBOCOPY command:

    ROBOCOPY \\\ex_bkp\DayOne \\DestServer\Exch_bkp /MIR /W:10 /R:500 /E

    The smaller files go off fine. When the 53GB file is copied, I start to get "Running out of space on C: drive" errors on the destination server. Sure enough, if I look at DestServer My Computer, I can see the drive space slowly being eaten up. When at 0 bytes, ROBOCOPY fails, the drive space is freed up and the ROBOCOPY kicks off again and again with the same result.

    The large file never arrives. It appears the file is being cached on the C: drive, even though I have Temp files set to D:

    Any inspired thoughts on how I can get this to go through?


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    Re: W2003 / Robocopy

    Sounds like robocopy doesn't use the %Temp% environment variable you've set, so I'm guessing it's hard-coded to use a specific location on C:\ drive. I've had a look at MS Technet about this command, and there doesn't seem to be a way to specify the temp location.

    Maybe it's time to move the server up to a larger C: volume? Since the OS sits on C: and there's only 2Gig free just now, it's past time to change up on the drive!
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      Re: W2003 / Robocopy

      you might wanna free up the C drive by removeing uninstall files for example. Secondly you could move the page file to gain some more free space.
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