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Weird permission issue - cannot create folder

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  • Weird permission issue - cannot create folder

    I am having a weird issue with creating a folder on a share. Heres a little overview.

    We have a Citrix farm (PS4.5) with several applications published. There are logon scripts that run and map a shared drive for each of the accounts. Within the applications there is an option to open a file, but when on the root of the mapped drive, the 'create new folder' is disabled. However, I can go into a subfolder and create a folder there. There is also no issue with any other mapped drives.

    I went on a server and mapped this specific shared folder with the users credentials and was able to create a new folder which leads me to believe its not a permission issue.

    Any insight or clues of where to check would be greatly appreciated. This worked for several months and out of the blue the issue begun. Id rather not have to create a new account