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  • Server access issue

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this post and currently working as a system admin for 4yrs. Currently I have one access issue with my organisation. I'm struggling to
    find solution on this. Can any one help on this?. Thanks.

    We have primary domain server and secondary domain server. Also we have
    file servers. We have provided access to shared excel file to one of my dept.
    One of the user in my organisation cannot able to open particualar excel sheet
    file, when he tries to open it come with popup window" Excel recovery send or don't send" The same excel file can be opened in different domain login id in same system. The same permission applied for other users also.

    Diagnostic done:

    * Permission reset for user in file server
    * Permission provided for the file&folder also
    *User id deleted in AD and recreate the same user id in AD
    * Msoffice version reinstalled and checked

    Server: Winserver 2003
    Client: Winxp

    Note: This issue frequently faced by many user only with shared excel files in server.

    Anyone can share your technical help. Pls......


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    Re: Server access issue

    One thing you did not list as having tried is to reset the user's profile. MS Office writes settings to a user's profile as a normal part of it's functioning. It sounds like one or more of these settings may be causing your problem. I've never found (never had time to dig) a complete listing of MS Office settings in a user's profile, but if you copy what the user has created, you can start over.

    Copy and save only the user's profile 'My Documents' folder, their 'Desktop' folder and their 'Favorites' folder. Also get their mail, address book and any PST files they may have. Ignore everything else in that profile, and delete it completely.

    Then have the user log back on at a machine where other persons are NOT having problems and a new profile will be created with the same profile name. Restore everything you saved back to the new profile folder location, and then have the user start checking MS Word & Excel docs to see if the problem recurs.

    Good luck. Pls remember to add rep points if this helps you!
    MSCA (2003/XP), Security+, CCNA

    ** Remember: credit where credit is due, and reputation points as appropriate **


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      Re: Server access issue

      Also make sure the users are closing down the excel files properly as this can cause ghost files on the actual fileshare and this can cause problems.
      Make sure there are no ghost files and if there are delete them and the users should be able to open it then.

      Just from my experience