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DHCP server on 2003 server Vmware

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  • DHCP server on 2003 server Vmware

    Dear All

    i have installed 2003 server on vmware. And kept the Network Adaptor settings on bridged:Connected directly to the physical network. I have installed DHCP server on 2003 server. But Client on my host PC and on the LAN pcs are not obtaining IP addresses I want to know is there any special configuration i have to make on vmware to work DHCP properly.


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    Re: DHCP server on 2003 server Vmware

    Since the network is bridged... do you have an Active Directory domain on this network? If so, the DHCP server will require to be authorized.

    Did you check the DHCP scope? Is it active?

    I assume that the scope you created for a subnet that is directly connected to that bridged adapter? For example, if your computers/subnet is on the 192.168.1.x/24 subnet, you would need to create a scope for that specific subnet. If you created a scope for the 192.168.2.x/24, your DHCP server will not issue any leases from that scope since there is no relay agent in this design.

    While troubleshooting this, you may want to run a packet capture on the 2003 server to see if the DHCP packets are arriving at the server.
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      Re: DHCP server on 2003 server Vmware

      VMware is a company, not a product. What VMware product are you using?

      It sounds like you're using VMware Server, is that the case?


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        Re: DHCP server on 2003 server Vmware

        Vmware Workstation