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DHCP and Static IP

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  • DHCP and Static IP

    Wondering why one would want to use a DHCP and static IP address at the same time?


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    Re: DHCP and Static IP

    Servers, printers, switches need to have a static IP. Imaging a server that has a constantly changing IP. If it was a DNS server, your network would be cactus. DHCP assigned IPs can change for each machine depending on the lease time. Workstations can have a dynamic IP assigned by DHCP. Do you really want to go round a large network and and change 100, 200, 3000 machine's IP settings. Hell, I don't want to do 5 machines. Also remember that each machine has:
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway (maybe several)
    DNS (maybe several)
    WINS (possibly)
    and multiply that by the number of machines you have to change. Might be a good way to rack up the overtime.

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      Re: DHCP and Static IP

      Setting up and maintaining a DHCP scope is a alot easier than having to trawl round machines entering the required info into the TCP/ip properties.

      As biggles has said the only things that need static IP's are things like servers, routers, printers and switches.

      The tracking of static IP's can also be a nightmare. Can you imagine a machine going down and having to find an IP from a list, and if that list is nearly full then its like a needle in a haystack. Trust me this is a pain in the ass cause i've been there.